yaoi scanlators – go straight to the source

the scanlator's endless work - from Girls Generation Scans

the scanlator’s endless labors – from Girls Generation Scans

for unlicensed manga, the only game in town

For the thousands of yaoi manga that aren’t available in translation, scanlators and their passion for manga are the only reason we English speakers are able to enjoy all the yaoi that we do.

Most scanlators prefer that you come to their sites to download or read their manga. This helps make sure they get credit for their hard work, and if you get their scanlations from them, it means you’re spending less time on aggregation sites that are making money off their labors. And it gives you a chance to say hello and thank them for all the yaoi joy they bring you, which I think is probably the most important point — we enjoy what they give us; it’s only polite to say thank you. Also, since some of their works end up not being uploaded to online sites, you may discover something new.

Oh, and please read each scanlator’s policy about uploading to other sites before going ahead and doing it. Some of them are completely fine with it, while others are very against it. I understand that these policies are somewhat controversial, but it just seems respectful to honor their policies, given that we’ve done nothing but benefit from the work they do.

This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list of scanlators, but I hope it’s a good start. If you’d like to suggest additions, please do let me know, and I’d be happy to.

Scanlators come and go for a variety of reasons. If any of these links are broken or groups are defunct, please let me know so I can update the list. Thank you!


  • Bakeneko Scanlations – yaoi manga scanlations since 2012; they have an online reader
  • BangAqua  mostly yaoi, since 2007; manga and doujinshi
  • BL-GYARU (BL GIRLS)  – yaoi fujoshi who modestly describe themselves as “unofficial” scanlators: “which means our quality may not high standard but we wish to share awesome title with you guys!”; they have an online reader
  • Blissful Sin – BL scanlations (yaoi & shounen-ai), maga, one-shots, and doujinshi
  • Chinese BL Novel Translations
  • Cocobees – two person group since March 2012 – novels, manga, and doujinshi; includes an online reader
  • Dangerous Pleasure – Since 2005 – manga only, mostly yaoi, occasional shounen-ai – anything from long ongoing series to one-shots and doujinshi
  • Echochi – BL scanlations since 2010, includes an online reader
  • Game Over Or Continue – since 2001
  • Girls’ Generation Scans – since early 2012. Mostly BL but some moves towards branching out to shoujo, seinen, and gender bender. Online reader and forum.
  • Green Drugstore – primarily dedicated to scanlating BL series Gouhou Drug (later renamed Drug & Drop)
  • Hachimitsu – translates yaoi drama CD’s and makes them available as YouTube videos
  • Ikemen Scans – since 2010, yaoi manga & doujinshi (sometimes includes shota)
  • Ichinko Scans – mix of manga genres but includes occasional yaoi (Miyamoto Kano, Hideyoshico, and Ogawa Chise)
  • Kagerou Scans – since March 2013, often take up unlicensed manga that have been dropped or seemingly abandoned by other groups
  • MoixRyu -since 2010, mostly BL manga and doujinshi
  • Mori no Kuma – since 2012, yaoi manga
  • Nakama – shares “hardcore yaoi” homepage includes a fun (“sexy meter”) for ranking “hardness” of yaoi titles. Forum and online reader
  • Naono Holics – dedicated to Naono Bohra scanlations (honestly, I haven’t figured out where/if the downloads are available on this site – help?)
  • September Scanlations – yaoi scanlations since 2011; they also translate novels
  • STK Scanlations – since 2012, BL manga
  • Yaoi Is Life – since 2013, has a separate release blog and an online reader
  • Yaoi Otaku – full service BL community, including Yaoi Otaku Translations
  • Yaoi-Sei Scanlations – yaoi doujinshi, including hard core and occasional shota
ggscans recruiting - Version 2

and the work never ends… from Girls Generation Scans

12 thoughts on “yaoi scanlators – go straight to the source

  1. Hi! I ‘d like to ask what manga is that? the one scanlated by girls’ generation up there. I’ve read it already and I want to read it again but I forgot the title. I kept on searching about it but up to now? no dice at all. Your reply is highly anticipated and appreciated, thank you in advance! 🙂


    • I’m so sorry! I’ve been offline for too long.

      The truth is, I don’t remember (like you, I’m pretty sure I read the original, too). That’s a graphic I’ve seen them use a number of times in their scanlations, but I don’t remember what manga it came from. Dang it, you waited so long, and I couldn’t even give you the answer. 😦


  2. Is there any way that I can submit an online yaoi doujinshi to one of these scanlators as a request? I have a link to a manga which is not available in English which I would love to be able to read.

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    • You would need to contact the individual scanlators directly. I think it would depend on the group abd how many projects they have on their plate. Plus it’d have to be something they really like, too, since they have to spend so much time and effort to produce a scanlation. But you’ll only know if you ask!


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