wait, there’s no such thing as a fundashi?

Fudanshikun no Honey Days by Yodogawa & Yuo

Fudanshikun no Honey Days by Yodogawa & Yuo

What? Yaoi doesn’t have any male fans after all? But I was so looking forward to meeting them!

Well, it turns out that if I do they won’t be “fundashi”, because (as I recently learned) the name for male fans of yaoi isn’t actually “fundashi” — despite the fact that you can search for fundashi on the web and find a multitude of pages (in English and Spanish, at the very least) where it’s defined as literally meaning “rotten boy” and used tongue-in-cheek as the name for guys who dig yaoi. That’s how I learned it, too. But it turns out that in Japanese, fundashi isn’t even a word, much less a fanboy.

will the real term please stand up

keep-calm-and-become-a-fudanshiIn fact, the term for male yaoi fans is “fudanshi” (腐男子). Yep, it’s almost, almost the same, just with the “n” having hopped to a different location in the word. Fudanshi literally means “rotten boy” and is the genuine article, the humorously self-deprecating term for yaoi fanboys.

Why do English (and Spanish) speakers get it wrong? Well, frankly, as a native speaker, I find fundashi easier to say. It feels more intuitively “right” as a word. Maybe that’s why?

Does using the right word really matter? Meh, you can decide that for yourself. Me, I like getting my terms right, so I’m going to try to remember where the “n” sits in Japanese’s “rotten boy”.

prepared for Yaoicon

yaoicon 2014

Besides, I figured it was a good thing to get right before I head off to Yaoicon this weekend, a place where I might actually, in the course of normal conversation, find myself saying “fudanshi”. It’s never fun to toss out the wrong jargon and have people give you confused, condescending, or pitying looks…

oh, and the fujoshi’s ultimate fudanshi question:

"But why can't I find a fudanshi boyfriend?!"

“But why can’t I find a fudanshi boyfriend?!”

And would he look like this?

13 thoughts on “wait, there’s no such thing as a fundashi?

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I’m glad the post was useful — learning “fudanshi” was one of those funny “oops” moments for me.

      Thanks — I just got back from Yaoicon and had a great time! 😀


  1. I’m m/bisexual, and I think it’s hot. I wish western comics would embrace Yaoi. /(ㅇㅅㅇ )\ I’d love to see a bat-seme, robin-uke. Mue, Mue, Mue.


    • Wouldn’t that be lovely? In Western literature we have lots of m/m novels, but not enough of the comics.
      Hmmm… what about mixing things up and having Robin be the seme? Too goofy? 😉


    • XD

      Yeah, I almost, almost included ruminations on that here. There’s a great chibi image in the author’s page at the end of Sumanai!! Masumi-kun, where the uke is wearing his fundoshi, and I was so tempted to use it.

      But then I figured that’d just throw fuel on the spelling-confusion fire, so I made myself leave it out. Such a great image, though… I mean, maybe the fundashi is really a fudanshi wearing a fundoshi. 🙂


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