the fujoshi disease

Isn’t shipping Legos is a bad sign?

good cop

Yep, that’s Good Cop!

At a family gathering, the clan’s children were happily watching “The Lego Movie”. As an involuntary viewer, I, on the other hand, was discovering that I had underestimated my capacity for experiencing boredom.

And then, when Good Cop/Bad Cop was onscreen (yes, his head spins around inside his helmet, and he changes personalities), I had the idle thought, “Oh, he’s an uke and a seme.”

Momentary relief of boredom.

erase face

The evil cotton swab of Business

Later, when Good Cop/Bad Cop was being tortured by President Business, I decided that Good Cop needed a sweet boyfriend to take care of him. I mean, thanks to yaoi, I’ve seen kinky Q-tip play before, but that face-erasing thing was really too much.

main guy

Emmet Brickowoski

Not being very creative, I settled on giving Good Cop/Bad Cop to the lead, Emmet. After all, Emmet, the Tom-Hanks-esque character of the film, is so outrageously earnest that he won’t ever do Good Cop wrong.


Bad Cop interrogating

Even better, he’s both ridiculously forgiving and relatively weak-willed in his relationships, so he’ll take whatever abuse sadistic Bad Cop dishes out, should he ever surface.

Fortunately, while all those Lego-yaoi thoughts did alleviate my boredom for a few minutes, they did not lead to my having any hot and heavy fantasies about two plastic bodies in bed.

Surely that means that my fujoshi disease progression has not (yet) reached the terminal stage.

I think.

I hope.

Here's to your happy ending, boys.

Here’s to your having a lovey dovey ending, boys.

9 thoughts on “the fujoshi disease

  1. Lolz! It’s entertaining, sometimes, how seeing something a certain way can lead a person to a progression of thoughts that would otherwise have been impossible.


    • Woo hoo! Love knowing it hit the target. Man, those yaoi thoughts were just about the only thing that kept me from tearing the DVD player open and smashing the disc to pieces. It wasn’t that they watched it once. They watched it twice or three times a day the whole week we were at the beach. If I ever meet that movie’s makers, I will slap them.

      And the stupid theme song keeps popping up in my head. Ugh — it’s just awful: “Everything is awesome… everything is cool, when you’re part of a team, everything is awesome!!!” and on and on… they play it over and over in the movie, and the movie was played over and over. I don’t know that I’ll ever recover.

      This scene pretty much sums it up (it’s actually pretty funny if you haven’t been forced to watch it a million times):


  2. Well, shipping legos is nothing compared to the more, err…terminal stuff that makes you ship inanimate objects by anthropomorphizing them to the highest heavens. I’ve read that somewhere before. A manga with fujoshi characters, I think? Or was it an anime? From what I remember, these girls were talking about shipping, say, fruits(???) or was it water bottles?

    Anyway, shipping legos IS NOT a bad sign. It’s a good sign!(…maybe?) As long as you don’t get so bored you’d assign a computer monitor as a tsundere uke and the mouse a headstrong seme, I think you’ll be fine. Well, if the disease gets worse, just tell us how it goes. We’re here for you, girl! XD

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    • Um, so I was at the vet, and I started shipping other people’s animals. 😮 Is this a sign of my disease progressing? Or maybe just a result of reading a bunch of werewolf m/m novels this year… They’re kinda like dogs, right? 🐱


  3. So, this is the disease that I got. I often watch anime/read manga/watch TV series and then think, this character will be perfect with that character. After that, I will go to look for the fanfic and read it. And the next stage is writing fanfic in the crossover fandom.

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